Emergency/Out of hours Tanker Services

Sewers, tanks and floods do not always fail at convenient times and often with out warning, we know this so we are here for you 24/7 to keep you and your property/business safe. no matter if your pump station has failed or the sky’s have opened and a flood is building in or around your building don't panic, give us a call day or night and we will get there as soon a physically possible to deal with it.

07747 350278

Mercedes Arocs - BU18 XTA

Emergency Tankers

Our tankers are available at all times to deal with flood water, sewage or any other liquid causing you problems. with sizes ranging from 2000 up to 4000 gallons we have the right tanker for you no matter if you live down a tight lane or are having problems on a large construction site. Each of our tankers is equiped with state of the art high presure water jetting equipment allowing them to effectivly deal with any blockages whilst on site to get things back flowing as they should with out the need for aditional suppport vehicles.

Call 07747 350278 now for help.

Clearmasters Service Van

Emergency Pump Engineers

Sometimes a flood is caused simply by a failed pump, either from a blockage, electrical fail or something more sinister. no matter the reason our fully trained engineers are on hand to get your pumps back up and running or replaced without delay. They are problem solvers at heart and if they cannot fix your system right away, they will come up with a temporary solution to keep you going until a permanent fix can be completed.

Call 07747 350278 now for help.

Mercedes Arocs - BU18 XTA
MAN TGM 26.320 - MK68 NPF
MAN TGM 18.290 - BX17 XTW